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Don Varney

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Don specializes in creating the strategies necessary to get your company to the next level. As a business strategist for over three decades he brings this knowledge and experience of creating successful companies for his clients as well as for his own companies.

You will here others say that Don not only TALKS IT but WALKS IT. Whether he speaks from stage or in a board room Don’s business and life experiences come from his daily personal activities as a multiple business owner in San Antonio, Texas. Don’s companies include: VarneySpeaks Motivational/Inspirational Speaking, VarneySpeaks Business and Executive Consulting, Chiropractic Centers of Texas, Znutrition. Don believes in what he does and wants to help others be successful. Most recently he has added the distinguished title of Author to the list of my accomplishments since his first book “The ACTION-Driven Life: 7 Principles to Find Your Winning Formula” has recently been published.

He is a powerful speaker that for more than three decades has given a message of inspiration and hope to his audiences. One of his famous quotes is “Getting everyone’s talents to come together forms the team. A coach instills the teamwork philosophy which is the foundation of success within your organization”.

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