BOSS Bagels

The BOSS Bagel Concept

Ask a New Yorker where to find good bagels outside the East Coast, and you’re bound to get laughed off Manhattan. Those poor city slickers, they don’t know any better. They’ve never tried Boss Bagels and Coffee. Standing for “bagels on Southern soil,” Boss prides itself on serving up rolls-with-holes that anyone would love, Yankee or not. That’s because chef & owner Brannon Soileau has returned to old-world basics. Forget extruders and steam ovens. All of Boss’s bagels are hand-rolled before they’re boiled in honey water and baked in a wood-fire oven that’s on full display in-store. Few places make bagels this thin, sweet, and dense. What’s more, Soileau’s chef-inspired menu for Boss includes uncommon schmears, house-made toppings, and lever-pressed espresso. But don’t mistake this copy for the real thing. Come in and experience first-hand how the bagels are made with the care of a watchmaker, creativity of an artist, and love of a grandparent. Brannon and his wife Christie are thrilled to share with San Antonio their passion for creative, good cooking, and look forward to making your day better with a bagel from Boss.

Member Name: Christie & Brannon Soileau

Address:6458 N. New Braunfels
San Antonio TX 78209
Work Phone: (210)